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Live Review @ The Patriot (Down The Front Media)

We finally managed to catch up with David and Naomi from Down The Front Media at The Patriot show with Everyday Heroes and Foreigners Son.

A couple of excerpts;

"If I had to use one word to describe FALLEN TEMPLES set tonight it would be monolithic." "...(Adams) vocals sounded flawless, a nice upper register singing above the carnage of rumbling bass notes below" "Joe Lewis is an imposing figure on the stage laying waste to all who come before him with his thunderous playing, whilst his namesake Joe Stirland on drums creates a big, booming drum sound that shook the room" "FALLEN TEMPLES prove to be a formidable live act that are well worth your attention at a venue near you! Or, travel to see them!"

Check out these truly brilliant pictures from Marty Mofatt

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